Kristen Bartlett

Comedy Writer & Performer

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The Dead Dads Club at Montreal Sketchfest

We're thrilled to bring The Dead Dads Club to the 10th Annual Montreal Sketchfest. The show will be at Montreal Improv Theater. 

In 2010, Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore’s dads died within months of each other. Together, they formed The Dead Dads Club–an unstoppable grief-fighting force that is often tough, but occasionally falls apart when “Big Fish” is on HBO. This is a sketch show about what it’s like to lose a parent and realize that you are going to die, too, and there’s nothing you can do about it. (But it’s funny. We swear.)

“Dead Dads Club, maybe above all else, is about leaning on comedy as a distraction and as a solace” – Paste Magazine