From UCB to ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Kristen Bartlett

The first time I saw Kristen Bartlett was in The Dead Dads Club, a show she wrote and performed with her husband, Jason Gore. Their fathers had died only months apart but, after dealing with some peculiar characters, they found a way to turn their grief into comedy. The sketches were as funny as they were touching. I left the theater and called my parents right away.


New York Television Festival Selects 52 Pilots Featuring Diverse Voices For Annual Competition

The New York Television Festival has announced their official selections for their Independent Pilot Competition which include 52 original television and digital pilots and series, 37 of those being world premieres. This year’s festival, which takes place October 23-28 at the Helen Mills Theater and Event Space in New York, puts the spotlight on diverse and independent voices including projects from and about women of color, as well as the Latino and LGBTQ community.

Splunch [World Festival Premiere]
Created by Moujan Zolfaghari, Timothy Dunn, Michelle Ciotta, Silvija Ozols, Johnathan Fernandez, Hudson Meredith, Trevor Williams, Michelle Francesca Thomas, David Sidorov, Mehdi Barakchian, and Kristen Bartlett – New York, NY
Move over Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Splunch is here, and it’s going to #change the way you #consume your #content.
Co-written by Kristen Bartlett (Saturday Night Live)

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Episode 42: "Barbar (Stupid Ass Queen)" (with Kristen Bartlett)

Ding Dong! Your culture consultants are BACK and they come bearing gifts: a shining beam of light in a dark world, SNL's Kristen Bartlett! Matt and Bowen cover it all with Kristen: Lost, Nickelodeon, Housewives, Craft Services, Miley and more! Hope you saved some room for desert, Mama...cause you know we have some steamy "I Don't Think So, Honey"s for ya.


'The Bachelorette' Applauds Its Own Diversity in Cut 'SNL' Sketch: "We Freakin' Did It"

Saturday Night Live has unveiled a sketch that was cut for time during the Chris Pine-hosted episode on May 6, which features ABC's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, starring the first-ever black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

"One charming and accomplished lawyer and 25 hot dummies," announces the narrator. "After five years of extensive meetings and focus groups, we are going for it." 


‘SNL’ Skewers ‘Inclusive’ New ‘Bachelorette’ in Cut Sketch: ‘We Freakin’ Did It’ — Watch

“I’m looking for somebody funny, kind, and smart. I can’t wait to meet the guys and hear what they have to say.”

Those are famous last words from Rachel Lindsay, the first-ever black “Bachelorette,” as played by Sasheer Zamata, in a sketch that “Saturday Night Live” cut from its recent Chris Pine episode. So, wait. Let’s get this straight. Zamata finally gets to star in a hilarious skit about racism and it’s cut? C’mon, “SNL,” even you have to see the irony there.

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SNL Knows Not All Law Firm Partners Are Created Equal

Becoming a law firm partner — whether in Biglaw or small — is supposed to be the brass ring one gets for the hard work and dedication… but we all know that isn’t always true. Sometimes there are other factors involved. Maybe there’s a bit of nepotism, favoritism, or donating a kidney (or two) to a name partner’s family members. The quality of legal work is not always standard at a firm.

Saturday Night Live understands. Take, for example, the case of Lisa Broderick, top of her class at Yale Law School, and Jeremy Ganz, who is also a lawyer.


SNL Hilariously Skewers Empowering Body Image Ads With ‘Chonk’ Clothing Spot

About 30 seconds into Saturday Night Live's fake ad for Chonk—a clothing store that pitches its apparel as the key to your inner goddess—it dawns on the ad's stars, including Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata, that this isn't what they signed up for.


'SNL's' Chonk Skit Addresses Difference Between Shopping Experiences For Men And Women

In recent months, the fashion industry has made progress in the push toward diversity in fashion advertising (Lane Bryant, Modcloth, Target) and on the runways (Christian Siriano, Chromat), with models of all shapes and sizes being celebrated. 


Lin-Manuel Miranda and S.N.L. Spoofed Stranger Things

The first season of Netflix’s summer phenomenon Stranger Things left a lot more questions than answers: Where did Eleven come from? What is her connection to the Upside Down? Are there more Demogorgons out there? Is Eleven alive? Will there be justice for Barb? Stranger Things is very much a show about family, but most of the action centered on one house, leaving the rest of the town’s family units up to our imagination. Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of SNL answered one of our burning questions last night: what are Lucas’s parents like?


See 'SNL' Answer Burning 'Stranger Things' Question in Clever Spoof

Saturday Night Live tackled one of Stranger Things' more perplexing unanswered questions on the Lin-Manuel Miranda-hosted episode: Why are these kids just allowed to be out at all hours of the night without adult supervision?


Launch Pad Alum and "SNL" Writer Kristen Bartlett Signs With UTA (Exclusive)

2016 Launch Pad alum Kristen Bartlett has recently signed with Mackenzie RoussosJonathan Levy, and Gregory McKnight of UTA. Earlier this year, she became a finalist in this year’s Launch Pad Pilots Competition with her original comedy pilot GILFS. In mid-September, she signed with Brandon Stein of Brillstein Entertainment Partners and was hired as a writer on Saturday Night Live. She has tremendously and successfully continued the tradition of Launch Pad alums securing representation and furthering their careers.


2016 Launch Pad Alum Kristen Bartlett Joins SNL, signs with Brillstein Entertainment (Exclusive)

2016 Launch Pad alum Kristen Bartlett has been hired to write for Saturday Night Live ahead of the iconic variety show’s 42nd season premiere and has signed with manager Brandon Stein of Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Bartlett, one of seven new writers who has been brought on board SNL this season, was a finalist in this year’s Launch Pad Pilots Competition with her original comedy pilot GILFS. As the Launch Pad Features Competition submission window enters its final week, Bartlett continues the tradition of writers who have seen their careers take off shortly after joining the ranks of the Launch Pad alumni.


‘SNL’ Hires Seven New Writers for Season 42

Saturday Night Live has already fired three cast members, hired three featured players, and promoted two new co-head writers, and today we can report another big behind-the-scenes change: a bunch of brand new writers. 


A serious influx of comic talent is coming to town for Sketchfest

Another notable event is the Women in Comedy Night hosted by local comic Emma Wilkie and headlined by female troupes the Flirty Boys (Toronto), Flo & Joan (Toronto) and GROSS! (Montreal). For “Get Real,” Bridge and Tunnel (New York) interviewed local storyteller Al Lafrance and created sketches based on the stories he told. Lafrance will be hosting the event and telling the stories live.


A Night With ‘The Dead Dads Club’

Inside the intimate, basement-level blackbox of New York City’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, grief is taking center stage.

“The Dead Dads Club” stars Kristen Bartlett and her husband Jason Gore, both of whom lost their dads five years ago. It’s billed as a show about “what its like to lose a parent and realize that you are going to die, too, and there’s nothing you can do about it. (But it’s funny. We swear.)” A series of short sketches take Kristen and Jason through all of the absurd situations that surround death, from funeral planning to eulogy-giving, to the awkward, un-cinematic reality of scattering ashes.


Jersey City comedy duo find the 'weird, dark humor' in death

There's an old adage: dying is easy, comedy is hard. But comedy about dying -- is that hard?

Jersey City comedians Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore may have the answer to that one. The couple, who have been married for nearly 10 years, are debuting a new show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre this week called the Dead Dads Club, a sketch show/storytelling hybrid based on their experiences coping with both of their fathers dying unexpectedly within four months of each other.


22 Of Our Favorite Events In Los Angeles This Week

In 2010, comedians Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore both lost their dads within months of each other. Together, they formed The Dead Dads Club—”an unstoppable grief-fighting force that is often tough, but occasionally falls apart when Big Fish is on HBO.” The sketch show is at UCB Franklin at 9:30 pm on Thursday, with the cast riffing on our own mortality and what it’s like losing a parent. (They swear that it’s still we’ll see.) Tickets: $5.


The Dead Dads Club Live Sketch Show Review

I’m probably not telling tales out of school on this: Dead Dads Club is a comedy show about dead dads. Specifically, it’s about those of Jason Gore and Kristen Bartlett, a married couple and comedy duo whose fathers passed away within four months of each other in 2010. In just thirty minutes, the show portrays Kristen and Jason passing through various stages of denial, shock and depression while having to attend to the cold logistics of things like funeral arrangements, ash scattering, and eulogies.


BWW Previews: THE DEAD DADS CLUB at UCB in NYC, 2/25

The Dead Dads Club comedy show will be at Upright Citizens Brigade in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday, February 25th and Friday, March 6th. More dates will be announced soon.

The Dead Dads Club stars Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore, both founding members of the sketch group Bridge & Tunnel, which was an official selection of New York City Sketch Festival, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and Montreal Sketchfest, where they won Best Newcomer and Audience Choice. Their webseries Poor Comedians in a Car Getting Coffee was featured on The Comic's Comic and The Comedy Bureau.